Ever since I was a child in school I had admired this marvelous piece of architecture imbibed in me during history classes. My visit to Taj Mahal was one epic trip with all my best buddies.I embarked on this wonderful journey to Agra to visit one of the seven wonders of the world.Here’s my itinerary/travel info  I hope it will be of help to you when you visit Agra next time.

The best way to reach Agra is by train.There are  many trains running from Delhi to Agra.I had booked Gatimaan Express India’s  semi high speed train.The train runs from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Agra Cantonment railway station.

Train Timings

Gatimaan Express is a semi bullet train operational all days of the week expect Friday.

Departure from Hazrat Nizamuddin,Delhi-8.10 AM

Arrival at Agra Cantonment,Agra-9.50 AM

While returning booked the same train which starts at 5.50 PM from Agra cantonment and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin,Delhi at 7.30 PM

Train Fares

The fares are priced pretty descent it’s value for money the train is equipped with all the modern amenities and passenger information system.The passengers are provided with both veg and non veg meals.I opted for vegetarian  south Indian breakfast which was not that great but manageable.


South Indian breakfast

Gatimaan Express from Hazrat Nizamuddin-Agra cantonment-770 INR

Agra cantonment-Hazrat Nizamuddin-770 INR

Train fare round trip-1540 INR


Agra Cantonment railway station

Once you are out of the Agra Cantonment there are numerous cab and taxi services available.Please cross check with more then two or three cab services before you seal the deal.Convey all the required details like pick and drop to the station,lunch and breakfast.As the place is a tourist hub chances of people duping you is more so please be aware.

We hired a local taxi cab service from Agra cantonment and started our day trip to Agra fort and Taj Mahal and back to Agra cantonment by 5 PM.

Taxi/Cab service fare

Pick up from Agra cantonment station-Agra fort-Taj Mahal-Agra Cantonment

Cab Fare-1000INR

Miscellaneous-500 INR

To avoid standing in ques for hours together and other hassles the Ministry of culture and archaeological department  of India has started a online portal  for Indian heritage sites/Monuments must see list.You can purchase your E-tickets of all the heritage site listed in UNESCO world heritage site.

Travel Info

You can purchase your E-Ticket in the link below.


Entry Ticket for Indian residents Taj Mahal- 40 INR.

Entry ticket for Indian residents Agra fort- 30 INR.

Travel tips

Try visiting Taj Mahal during wee hours post afternoon it gets crowded.

Avoid entry to Taj Mahal Via south gate it’s over crowded.

There’s lot of exploitation on tourists in Agra chances of you getting duped is more.

You can beat the rush by taking a direct entry which costs 1000 INR.

Entry through east gate is comparatively less crowded.

My trip to Agra was one wow moment and experience on India’s semi high speed train was simply excellent.I have no regrets for opting the railway transport.Kudos to Indian railways for putting up a great show and making the visit to this heritage monument quick and comfortable one.A budget friendly trip without burning a hole in our pockets.Step back in time and discover the glory of the Mughul empire.You’re visit to Uttar Pradesh isn’t complete without touring Taj Mahal. Experience those magical moments when you visit these mind-blowing pieces of architecture and cherish those moments for years to come.

Planning for a day trip to Agra? I hope the info provided from my recent visit is useful.

If you find any travel tips and other information regarding Agra kindly comment below.

Happy travelling!

©Divya RC 2018

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