Au revoir Friend

All of us would have friends in different phases of life,but very few blessed ones have the same friend in all the stages of your existence.
A farewell message dedicated to my best childhood buddies.

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When Adversity Strikes

Life throws us with some unexpected twist and turns at the most unexpected times.All we have to remember is this situation will not last forever and better days are ahead.Sharing with you which I scribbled few days ago.
PS:I have not followed any poetry scheme.

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Positive Thinking

Often we fall prey to negative thinking due to many factors in and around our surroundings and this negativity drains our energy and keeps you away from being in the present.Always look out for the brighter side of life no matter what..
“Stay positive always, even if you run out of reasons to be optimistic.”-Anon
I’d like to share my mode of staying positive in the form a poem in random writings.I hope you liked it.

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It’s World Environment day.It’s time to think and pause and take a look at our environment.
The green patches being replaced by the concrete jungle.The small streams,lakes and rivers home to many chemicals and sewage waste.Towns and cities growing at a very rapid rate and dwindling trees.Diminishing lakes in the city and its impact on the environment.
My little thoughts on environment in the form of poetry.

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Lessons Of Life

My first post on Thru D Lens my personal blog. This piece of writing Lessons of life a small poem scribbled way back during engineering days is the first work of mine in random writings.

Just imagine you are a so called average student in your college .A failure strikes your way and you are hardest hit. All your other pals busy gearing up for on campus placements, studying hard to get distinction in the final year to get graduated as a responsible engineer with flying colours.It’s a great feeling right you get placed in your final semester before graduating with two job offers in hand.

How it feels like if it happens the reverse it’s a struggle right??

Over the years what I have realized is life is just not about faring well in exams, getting your dream jobs but it’s something beyond that. I know I m being a bit philosophical, life is imperfect but imperfections is beautiful.

“As I look back on my life I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better”-Steve Maraboli.

Reposting this work written 6 years ago on Thru D Lens my personal blog.I hope it inspired you and share your thoughts and views about it and don’t forget to hit a like.

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